May 8, 2021

Woman On Fire: Ana Lefebvre Sets Sights On Being Next Star In Podcast Galaxy!!!

Ana Lefebvre


As a little girl, Ana Lefebvre had ambitions of marrying her two passions: business and  performing in the entertainment world.  After starting a jewelry business at the tender age of 8 years, she fell in love with the performing arts shortly thereafter. After years of being an on-air television personality, modeling and acting;  she is currently making waves on her podcast, “Love and Lust”. The premise of the podcast is delving into the male-female dynamic and relationship advice from a feminine point of view but with one caveat: it’s core premise is to educate men on how to approach women in this day and age. “I don’t know if you realized this… I am giving you (guys) free game on how to get a girl like.. Well”, she says with a sly grin.  With a blossoming presence on various social media platforms, she manages to maintain a high degree of engagement  amongst her burgeoning fanbase.  She feels passionately about the male-female dynamic and feels it is time for guys to know what they are doing right and doing wrong in the pursuit of a woman. There are plenty of relationships “gurus” out there but she is confident her message can resonate with the masses and more importantly… men.  She was raised in Lakeland, Florida along with her other six brothers. When posed with the question if this gives her more insight with men based on her upbringing, she quickly and confidently shot back, “but of course”. On “Feminine Sexuality Part 2” , the latest episode of “Love and Lust”, she effortlessly weaved historical context and present day stigmas about women into a rather scintillating podcast which shed light on an array of issues pertaining to dating the current climate. It was thoroughly inspiring even to the casual listener and the podcast seems to be trending up and a very pivotal moment. She’s very excited about the momentum she has recently built and definitely making her way in the podcast world as a force to be reckoned with. Ana is looking forward to filming some episodes of her podcast live in Las Vegas, when the pandemic subsides.  Armed with a combination of beauty, sultriness, humor and intelligence; her approach is very appealing to the masses. Ana is definitely a mature and honest voice to take notice of in the near future and beyond!