October 16, 2021

NYE 2021 Vegas Strip

Welcome to LVNV

Las Vegas Strip

While most of the country were quarantined at home, there were some folks that couldn’t resist heading to the Night Life Capital of the world for a little R&R and in the case of 2020, R&R is defined as just getting out of the house.

While some people see this as a direct defiance of COVID-19 restrictions, other see it as doing what they want to do and knowing what is best for themselves. While I understand both perspectives, let’s add another angle. There were hundreds, if not thousands of people that got the opportunity to work on NYE because people decide to defy, if you will the COVID restrictions. Just a few weeks ago, there was a story that Nevada had run out of money to pay Unemployment Benefits..Whooooaaa! If you are the Governor, what do you do? If you are the person in need of money just to eat, what do you do? So before we rush to judgement, let’s at least try and see the perspective of all involved. #Iwannagooutside #COVID19 #LasVegaslife #LVMPD #Staysafe


NYE Las Vegas Strip

Image repost from: https://twitter.com/LVMPD